Monday, 12 December 2011

Christopher Nolan talks to EW about shooting with Imax and the prologue.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Christopher Nolan has talked about shooting with IMAX cameras and how it was important to start the film off with a bang. He said "My feeling, particularly on an action film, is you want to be thrown into a situation that somehow takes your breath away early in the film.". He also talked about how they couldn't film the whole production in IMAX due to the large amount of noise made by the camera's. He said "I haven’t cut the rest of The Dark Knight Rises yet, so I don’t know the exact running time, but I think we’ll be in the 45 to 50 minute range." You can check out the rest of the interview at and make sure that you check out my review of The Dark Knight Rises prologue on December 14.

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